Toddler Visit

Experience the Mountain Kids Pediatric Dentistry Difference

 We get kids. We are the parents you see at school pick-up, the soccer coach, the creators of homemade slime.

 We are here to collaborate on the care of your kid’s smile, because we trust you to know your child best.

 We provide personalized care for all children in a playful & relaxed environment. From routine visits to speciality needs.

  We have unparalleled passion & expertise. 2 Board Certified Pediatric Dentists & 1 rock-star General Dentist for kids.

What to expect at your first visit to Mountain Kids Pediatric Dentistry

  1. When you arrive, you’ll text us to check in for your appointment. When we text you back that it’s time to come in, you’ll be greeted by a friendly team member.
  2. We know toddlers are busy and have a short attention span, so we do our best to minimize wait time and get you into our special infant and toddler exam room quickly.
  3. Either Dr. Joe, Dr. Ihsan, or Dr. Shivaun will meet with you.
    • We don’t expect your toddler to lay still on a dental chair. They’ll do a quick exam while you hold your child on your lap.
    • They will also go over age-appropriate information and recommendation including things like pacifiers and fluoride vs fluoride-free toothpaste. We always leave enough time to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. Never worry to voice any concerns or ask any questions — we’ve heard it all.
  4. To make things as simple as possible for you, our staff will schedule your child’s next appointment during your visit. No need to wait at the check out desk with a restless child.
  5.  That’s it. It’s quick, easy, painless and hopefully fun and informative for everyone! Before you know it, trips to be the dentist will be something your child looks forward to – complete with a prize and a membership to our cavity free crew.


Paperwork & Insurance

We will always try to make your first pediatric dental visit easy. This is why we collect your insurance before the appointment to ensure we know your coverage and can discuss any questions before the appointment, reducing the time you’re at the office with your little one. Please view our list of in-network dental insurance options if you are uncertain of your coverage.

We also have fully digital paperwork so you can complete everything from the convenience of your phone, laptop or tablet before you come in for the appointment. We recommend completing the paperwork at least 15 minutes before the appointment.