What is a sealant?

Sealants are a thin protective coating that bonds to the chewing surfaces on the back molars. By applying sealants we can keep plaque and bacteria from getting into the deep pits and grooves which may cause cavities. The goal of a sealant is to prevent future cavities on the chewing surfaces of the molars.

Why should I consider sealants for my child?

  • They can help reduce the risk of decay by almost 80% on the back molars.
  • School aged children with adult molars without sealants are 3x more likely to have cavities than children with sealants.

How long do sealants last?

Once the sealant is placed on the tooth, with proper care, brushing, and a healthy diet, the sealants can last up to 9 years. We will check your child’s sealants every 6 months and let you know if they ever need to be replaced or repaired.

To help your sealants last longer stay away from things like taffy, caramel, chewing on lollipops, hard candy & chewing ice.

Will my child be in pain while getting a sealant?

Getting a sealant is an easy & pain-free option for protecting your child’s teeth. The process is:

  1. We will clean the tooth and place a blue gel (tooth soap) on the chewing surfaces of the tooth for a few moments.
  2. The tooth will be rinsed and dried to prepare for the sealant.
  3. We will paint on the sealant to the tooth, you can think of it like when the fluoride is painted on, but this is only in the grooves of the adult molars.
  4. The dentist will shine a light on the tooth to harden the sealant material.
  5. That’s it!

When can my child get sealants?

Almost all children who have adult molars are able to get sealants. Most likely your dentist will bring up the option to get sealants during your child’s routine dental exam and discuss the options with you. If this is something you’re already interested in, please call the office and we can help you get a sealant appointment scheduled for your child.

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