Your Kids First Visit to Our
Pediatric Dental Office


We can’t wait to get to know you & your child(ren)! At Mountain Kids Pediatric Dentistry – we get kids. We trust that you know your child best – so we are here to collaborate on the care of your kid’s smile, while providing expert knowledge and superior dental care. We provide personalized pediatric dentistry to each individual child in a playful and relaxed environment. We strive to educate you and your child to make sure you have all of the tools you need to establish and keep a healthy smile.

We love caring for all children in Fort Collins, Windsor, & surrounding Northern Colorado communities. We provide routine dental care, specialty needs and everything in between. We have unparalleled passion & expertise from Board Certified Pediatric Dentists and 1 Rockstar General Dentist for kids. No matter who you see in our office, you will recognize our commitment to superior dental health while putting your child at ease and having some fun while we’re at it.

Our goal for all our patients is to provide a foundation for lifelong good oral health and positive feelings toward going to the dentist without anxiety, pain or fear. One of our favorite things to hear from patients is that they want to become a dentist too – because it’s so fun to visit us!

We want you to leave our office informed, impressed and inspired to tell all of your friends about Mountain Kids Pediatric Dentistry.

What to Expect

Baby and Toddler First Visit

View our special resource page for your first visit. Remember 1st tooth or 1st birthday is a great time to get in for your first visit to a pediatric dentist.

Older Children First Visit at the Pediatric Dentist

You’ll be welcomed when you arrive at our Fort Collins office by our friendly front office staff. From there, you’ll have the option to send your child (if they’re over 6 years old) into the office on their own, or go with them to their appointment. Parents are always welcome. No matter which option you choose, you’ll be kept fully informed of everything that happens during their appointment. We believe you know your child best and want to collaborate with you on their dental care.


  1. An exam with a dentist who specializes in kids. We will evaluate growth & development, perform x-rays, review any visible cavities and questions or concerns you may have.
  2. Education with the dentists and clinical staff. During this time, we’ll talk about brushing techniques and dental health recommendations specific to your child.
  3. Dental cleaning. We will polish and shine your child’s teeth while removing as many “sugar bugs” as possible.
  4. X-rays. These allow our dentists to gather a lot of information about your child’s teeth that they couldn’t otherwise see – including how their adult teeth are coming in, any damage to the roots, etc.
  5. Fluoride treatment. If appropriate based on the age of the child, and your expertise as their parent.

Our doctors and staff are highly skilled at communicating with children of all ages and will help guide your child in an age appropriate manner.

  • For younger children there is a lot of “tell-show-do” to help kids feel comfortable with the unfamiliar sights, sounds and sensations at the pediatric dentist’s office. Parents are more involved during these visits and we will work with you to determine what should be done during their visit based on their comfort level, your comfort level, and our expertise.
  • With older children & teens, the staff will help give the patients the skills to take responsibility for their own oral care at home with less parent involvement.

First pediatric dental visits generally last 30-40 minutes and are scheduled throughout the day. For patients with immediate dental problems such as pain, the dentist may focus on this problem and postpone routine care such as dental cleaning for a later visit.


Help set your child up for a successful first dental appointment by speaking positively about the visit. Children are perceptive and will know if mom and dad think the appointment is a fun new experience…or something to fear. If you have fears or concerns about your child’s first dental visit, we’re here to support you through the entire process. Please do not hesitate to call us before the appointment to discuss any concerns before you come in. That way we can help put you at ease and in turn put your child at ease before the appointment.

You are always welcome to join your child in the treatment areas of our office, especially for their initial visits.

  • For toddler and preschool aged pediatric dental visits, parents are almost always present.
  • For pediatric dental visits for children over the age of 6, we often encourage parents to wait in their car when possible. This gives the parent a little break and allows for the child to really engage with our dentists & staff, building trust and rapport. If you child is uncomfortable, you are always welcome to join the appointment – no matter their age.
  • Whether you come in with your child or wait in your car, you will be kept fully in the loop during their appointment as your collaboration on the care of your child is always important.
  • Did you know? Children are often more cooperative with our team if they come back for treatment alone.


We are happy to submit all dental claims to your insurance company. We will always discuss your financial responsibility, if any operative treatment is diagnosed. For more information on what dental insurance options are in-network with Mountain Kids Pediatric Dentistry, please visit our office policies page.

Our new patient paperwork is fully digital, making it easy to complete on-the-go. Once completed and submitted, the paperwork will come directly to our Fort Collins Pediatric Dental office. Please have paperwork completed before your appointment or arrive fifteen minutes early to complete in our office.

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